declutter your attic - picture of organized attic


    1. Yes! Emotions play a huge part in decluttering and it is totally okay to be respectful of them while you process everything. It really is a process … sometimes even a grieving process to physically let go. That’s not easy. So be gentle with yourself while you declutter your attic. <3

      (When I took these photos and decluttered this attic, I came across mementos from my grandparents and began crying unexpectedly. My relationship with my grandfather was a complicated one, but ultimately we loved each other and those feelings came right back when I found something of his I had forgotten all about.)

  1. Your post reminded me of the times when I was doing insulation assessments. I saw all sorts of crazy things in lofts, but what always puzzled me was entire furniture sets! Tons of weight on a few wooden beams! How on earth those houses do not collapse and whatever for people are storing old, and unused furniture is beyond me! My loft has insulation and Christmas decoration boxes, and that’s quite enough.

  2. SUPER post, and brava to you for a job well done! I admit to being jealous of even HAVING an attic – in our area, attics are non functional (filled with insulation and ductwork) and we have 4 ft high crawl spaces off the lowest level instead, so ours has generally stayed neat and organized and ONLY holds the keeper stuff (eg boxed Xmas decs) bc too hard to get into and out of to go mucking around looking for things! But your finished attic looks fab. I am curious if you were able to part with most of the baby/toy related gear? – it looked as if you had an excellent start on a stash for an upcoming children’s resale event 😉 …

    1. I definitely sold or gave away most of the baby gear! Love where you’re going with that suggestion, as selling at a consignment sale is a perfect way to declutter items.

      And I miss this attic SO MUCH. So much. I’m pretty sure it was what sold me on that house to begin with. We moved later that year and the attic was the hardest thing to say goodbye to. We gained a better backyard, but our new home, while a little bigger square-foot-wise, is nowhere near as impressive in the attic department.

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