6 daily habits for a tidy home


    1. Yes! The trick is keeping up with the habits but once you have it really is like magic. And even if you fall off the wagon, so to speak, it’s easy to get back on again.

  1. I read this post on during the Build Your Blog Boot camp on 3/5/19. The article was genius. I wanted to tell you I’ve been following the suggestions for two weeks now and it works! Your blog post did have a direct affect on my routine for the good! Thank you and good luck!

  2. I really like these ideas and am going to make a goal to implement them. Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. This is perfect! Just what I needed to read, now that we’ve finished (almost) unpacking after moving to a new home. Time to get into a routine and keep the house looking great. Thanks for the motivation!

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