1. AMEN!!! A break is much needed right now. And for me, I just want my routine back. A routine that involves soul and self-care. This is such a good list and I completely concur with everything on it!

    1. Ohhhh, routine. I do miss it! Especially the time I had to get things done (or concentrate on, well, ANYTHING) while my son was in school!

  2. What an awesome list. I have for kids so I would definitely enjoy the free time. Granted I’ve found little ways to escape. However it never seems long enough lol

    1. Four kids?! Yes, momma, you definitely could use a little free time. I have an only child, which has its own difficulties when I’m mom, chef, chauffeur, guidance counselor, and only playmate during the day right now all rolled into one. But I have nothing but respect for moms of 3+ kids!

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